Family Engagement
Kelly Ruby

What is Family Engagement?

Family Engagement is a school-family partnership that raises student achievement, improves school and community, and increases public support.

There is a difference, between family involvement and family engagement.

Family Engagement:

  • Is NOT obvious
  • Is Intentional
  • Is Planned
  • Is in collaboration
  • Is reviewed
  • Is outside the box
  • Is different than involvement

Why is Family Engagement Important?

Parent involvement in children’s education has an impact on student success, not just in school but throughout life!

When families are involved, students:

  • Earn higher grades
  • Attend school more regularly
  • Enjoy school more and behave better
  • Are more likely to go on to postsecondary education or having successful careers

Below, Watch Dr. Karen Mapp, an expert in family engagement, discuss Prerequisites of Effective Family and Community Engagement.