2019-2020 Garden Teams at WOS and CLE

WOS Coordinator: Tracy DeFeciani
CLE Coordinator: Sabina Tyler

What are the Garden Teams?

The SOCES PTA Garden Teams utilize the gardens at the Elementary schools to engage students, teachers, and parents in gardening. 

The Garden Program is run almost entirely by parents. Your support is essential.  A class cannot participate without parent volunteers.  We need at least one parent from each class to be in charge of garden visits and communication with the Garden Team for that class.  Kids love the program; teachers are supportive and very enthusiastic as well.

The SOCES School Garden Teams are GROWING, creating the need for additional supplies and volunteers. If you have an interest in gardening and would like to help, please email socespta@gmail.com  The next time you decide to clean out your garage or shed, please think of us!  We do accept donations and would welcome the following much needed Items:

Wheelbarrows                                                        Magnifying glasses
Fencing                                                                    Clipboards
Hand tools                                                               Kids gardening gloves
Shovels                                                                     Kneeling pads
Seeds-early organic vegetables                        Topsoil
Seeds-early blooming flowers                           Mulch

Learn more about school gardens in Rockland County through the Rockland School Garden Network

Garden Team FAQs

What does volunteering entail? 

Dedication, some free time, and, of course, having  lots of fun with the children!  Once the season begins, each class visits the garden on a rotation for about 20 minutes . The class'  garden parent is present to supervise lesson, which are based on the needs of the garden and planned out through the Garden Team.

When does the season begin? 

Depending on the weather, and if there is snow on the ground, generally mid-April. The season should last through the end of the school year.

Do I need to have any gardening experience?


I'd like to be involved, but I work during the day. What can I do?

The gardening schedule is flexible between weekdays and weekends.  If weekends are better for you, we do have garden parties on weekends, and potentially a gardening club before or after school! We could use many extra hands during these times.  Just let us know of your schedule.

If you are interested, please e-mail Sabina Tyler and Jessica Kesselman at twosylvias@gmail.com  and tell us the following:

   ♦ If you would like to be the garden parent for your child's class, and the teacher's name

   ♦ If you would be willing to be a garden parent for a different class that has no parent rep
   ♦ If you have already signed up to be on the Garden Committee 

Please come join us, bring your garden gloves, and get ready to have some good, clean fun! We look forward to meeting all of you soon.

Gardening and Learning at Cottage Lane Elementary School

Cottage Lane Composts! 

We have two "Earth Machines", large compost bins, in the courtyard across from the gym doors. Two compost buckets are placed in the cafeteria so  students can sort their compostable food scraps in order to help make nutrient-rich compost for garden projects. In addition to recycling their plastic bottles, paper, and foil juice pouches, composting will go a long way to helping Cottage Lane reduce the amount of trash produced at lunch time.  Click here to see how the garden is being incorporated into the 4th grade curriculum. For more information about items that can and cannot be composted, please visit this great site with a list of 163 Items that can be composted: http://www.plantea.com/compost-materials.htm

No Trash Lunch Days!

Students weigh the amount of trashe produced in the cafeteria by each class. The results are amazing! In 2013, with a little heads up about No Trash Day and a contest between classes to produce the least amount of garbage, the school has had a total of 60.9 pounds of trash last school year! On a regular lunch day, students produce up to 171 pounds. What a difference! Thank you to all the parent volunteers who came out in force to help! 

Our goal is for students (and building staff) to regularly compost their snack items and lunches. Please consider switching to reusable and recyclable containers for food and drinks that are brought to school. Let's see how little trash we can leave behind!


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