The South Orangetown Elementary Schools and SOCES PTA are pleased to announce our participation in a special event that is part of the Sandy Hook Promise called “Start with Hello.” The purpose is to enable students to make a difference with their peers in a simple, fun and impactful way- by simply saying Hello or starting a conversation. By encouraging students to include those who may be feeling alone we will foster a culture of inclusion and connectedness. This event builds upon our current character education while giving additional tools to teachers and students.
Start with Hello Week is Monday, September 24th through Friday, September 28th. We are excited to share with you our daily events and hope that you will be able to carry on the conversation at home. If you would like more details about the event, please visit:

Monday, September 24th
  • Classroom activity: students will be given a post-it note to draw or write a message to be placed on the Positivity-Graffiti Wall
    Group Activity: During an all school event, students will be directed to say hello to the students in the class standing next to them. Please share Hello in a different language if you know how!

Tuesday, September 25th 
  • Classroom activity: Human Bingo is a game where the students walk around their classroom and ask classmates about birthday’s, travel, pets, etc. This is a way to make a deeper connection to different students in the class.
  • Group Activity: Chalk will be provided for classes to use during their lunch recess to draw messages of positivity.

Wednesday, September 26th
  • Students are encouraged to wear a T-shirt that says something about them and use it as a conversation starter.

Thursday, September 27th
  • Classroom activity: Human Car Wash (wash your classmates with positive comments and compliments)
  • Group Activity: Students will be given smile stickers from the PTA to pass onto other students that they notice need a pick-me-up.

Friday, September 28th
  •  Group Activity: all students given a name tag and are greeted in the morning by staff and SAC students.
  • Group Activity: NO STUDENT EATS ALONE and MIX IT UP day. Staff and students help make introductions as all students find someone new to sit with.