PTA Fundraisers

Shop on Amazon? Add SOCES PTA as a sponsored programs on amazonsmile. 0.5% of your purchase will be donated to the PTA, without costing you a dime! This is a year-round fundraising effort.

On the app, hit the three lines on the bottom right, scroll down to programs, pick amazon smile. Then search charities for SOCES PTA and select it!

Do you buy General Mill Products and see this icon Box Top$. Help SOCES PTA to continue earning more then $1000 a year by following the instructions below:

1. Download the Box Top Bonus App
2. Scan your receipt after each trip to the grocery store

Lovable Labels helps parents get organized with their massive selection of waterproof & personalized labels.

Did you know if you shop using the following link, SOCES PTA receives 20% back for each sale? Right now receive free shipping on all orders!

Look out for this fundraiser in the Spring! Our children worked hard along side with Mrs. Piteo (WOS) and Mrs. Bowler (CLE) to create beautiful art work! Help support the PTA by purchasing their art work!
You may order directly online with your child's access code or complete the order form. Please make all checks payable to SOCES PTA. Help your student feel like an accomplished artist, while raising funds for your school!

(Not currently active for 2022/2023 season yet)

SOCES Winter Fundraiser

Sending a card is a virtual hug when you can’t give one, a birthday wish that goes one step further than a text, a “Thank You,” “Congratulations” or just a surprise in the mailbox for no reason at all. We invite you to support the SOCES PTA by participating in this year’s Winter Fundraiser through purchasing boxed note cards.

SOCES Winter Fundraiser

Sale date: Nov 29 to Dec 10, 2021

(Not currently active)

The SOCES PTA spirit wear online store is open once again! Show Your School Spirit, Shop School Gear.

It's that time of year again, get your child's school supplies for upcoming 2022/2023 school year! Help support the PTA while getting everything your child needs for next year from the comfort of your own home. Just click the link below for WOS or CLE and all the supplies will be delivered directly to the school. Make sure you select the grade your child for 2022/2023 school year. Enjoy your summer and relieve your stresses of school supply shopping.

(Not currently active for 2022/2023 season)