Sponsored Programs

The South Orangetown Elementary Schools participated in a special event that is part of the Sandy Hook Promise called “Start with Hello.” The purpose is to enable students to make a difference with their peers in a simple, fun and impactful way- by simply saying Hello or starting a conversation. By encouraging students to include those who may be feeling alone we will foster a culture of inclusion and connectedness. This event builds upon our current character education while giving additional tools to teachers and students.

If you would like more details about the event, please visit: https://www.sandyhookpromise.org/startwithhelloweek

PARP, a New York State PTA initiative, aims to promote literacy and encourage a love of reading at home. SOCES PTA, in collaboration with WOS and CLE. The power of PARP is that it engages schools and community partners to create excitement around reading that extends beyond the classroom.

Our 3rd year of PARP or Pick a Reading Partner kicks off on 3/1/21. All families receive one copy of the book and it will come home with your oldest student on either 2/26 (Group A) or 3/1 (Group B).

For 2022-2023, William O. Schaefer teachers will pick Class Ambassadors. SOCES PTA will have no involvement in the selection process, but will still train, guide & communicate with chosen Class Ambassadors. If you are interested in being a Class Ambassador at WOS, please email your child's teacher!

SOCES PTA will continue to help in the selection process at Cottage Lane. Please be sure to fill out in the Class List Sign up page, and state your desire to be a CA! If more than 2 parents ask to be a CA, the Membership Committee will hold a lottery for the positions.

The SOCES PTA Garden Teams utilize the gardens at the Elementary schools to engage students, teachers, and parents in gardening. Kids love the program; teachers are supportive and very enthusiastic as well.